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Shop Policy:

A deposit must be left for all tattoo appointments prior to booking.

Deposits can be no less than $100 and larger deposits can be taken for all-day appointments (which will be determined at each artist's discretion).

All deposits are non-refundable.

If no deposit is left your appointment is not guaranteed.
Deposits will be lost if you don't show up for an appointment or you give less than 48hrs of notice of a change in your appointment date. NO EXCEPTIONS.

If you lost your deposit you will need to pay a new deposit before being able to book in again (which may be a larger deposit than the original one).

All tattoos must be paid in full on the day of the tattoo for hours worked. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS.

You will be charged a $50 late fee for every hour you are late to your scheduled appointment and also may be rescheduled with a loss of your deposit.

All payments must be in cash or sent to the e-transfer specified by your artist.

All e-transfer payments must be confirmed by your artist prior to leaving the shop.

If making a cash payment and you need to run to an ATM, collateral will need to be left at the shop. Such as a VALID government-issued Identification card, bag, purse, wallet, etc. This will be returned as soon as payment is made.

All waivers must be filled out properly front and back with valid current information prior to tattoo. Valid Government-issued identification may be requested and photocopied.

Any unpaid work or theft in the shop will be pursued with legal action. All personal information you provided to the shop can be used in pursuit of said legal action.

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