• Your deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE.

  • An Initial 100$ deposit is required for booking, every additional quoted hour is 50$ 

                - IE) A 5 hour tattoo will require a 300$ deposit.​

  • Deposits compensate for your artists drawing time.

  • The deposit will be applied toward the cost of your tattoo.


  • We require no less than 48 hours notice to reschedule an appointment. If you do not cancel before the 48 hours or NO SHOW your appointment, you forfeit your deposit, and will be required to pay the full amount if you wish to reschedule. 

  • Appointments may be rescheduled ONCE at no penalty.

  • Karmma Tattoo has a "3 Strike" policy. If you cancel 3 times you will not be permitted to book further appointments.

  • If you NO SHOW your artist, you will not be permitted to book again.



  • Free touch ups are offered within 3 months of receiving your tattoo.

  • If you need to reschedule a free touch-up appointment, we still require 48 hours notice

  •  If you do not give adequate notice or do not show up to your touch-up appointment and would like to reschedule, a $50 touch-up fee will be applied. 




  • Karmma Tattoo is a CASH ONLY Shop, an ATM machine is available for your convenience.



  • Marie Joy Caldwell  175$ Hour

  • Patrick Baylis           185$ Hour

  • Khai Ong                   175$ Hour



  • To get a tattoo at our Shop you must be at least 18 years old, and yes, we do ID.

  • You may recieve a tattoo at 16 years  (with parental consent) ID is required for both parties. 


  • You will be required to sign a RELEASE & CONSENT form before reviving your tattoo.


4715 Kingsway # 101

Burnaby, British Columbia

(604) 839-1221