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Tattoo Artist/Owner


+1 (604) 839-1221



Coverups, florals, color, black & grey 


15 + years

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Behind the Ink: Meet the Artist


I've lived my life being told I wasn't good enough, that I couldn't accomplish the things I wanted to do. Years of chasing down my goals has built my mindset. I view things as choices that will define myself moving forward. Each day, I make the choice to get up and move towards my goals, no matter how hard it feels. I continue to put one foot in front of the other, trusting I know the steps I need to take. Or I figure them out as I go. No matter what, I make sure I just keep stepping forward, keep moving ahead with strong foundations built to last.

I was tossed between my divorced parents as a kid, troubled and neglected in that. I felt isolated and alone; I was shy and awkward. This led me into trouble during high school, acting out and running with the wrong crowds. Years down that path, I didn't recognize who I was, rolling with gangs and involved in that world. It wasn't a life I wanted and I had to figure out how to change that.

I pulled myself out of it, I cut off anyone involved with it. I started to build a new foundation for myself. I started working as a chemist for my then girlfriend's father's company, slowly climbing within the company. This helped me gain footing and the strength to pivot and move towards my own career goals. Tired of building someone else's dreams, I


finally turned the focus to my own. I studied piercing and tattooing, I started a shop.I've now been running Karmma Tattoo for 13 years. I'm a mentor to artists who I employ and I strive to create an environment where everyone aims to see the best in themselves. I'm proud of the impact I've had on the industry; I strive to create a space I believe promotes hard work and respect.


I want my contributions to the industry and the world to pave the way for my kid, so she doesn't have to go through what I did. I try to stay present and take things as they come, take a deep breath and keep moving forward.

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