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Cris Limon

Tattoo Artist



Blackwork, embroidery, and semi realism


2 + years

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Behind the Ink: Meet the Artist


Meet Cris: Crafting Visual Narratives in Ink

Hello! I'm Cris, a dual-talented graphic designer and tattoo artist, blending my love for visual and plastic arts into every piece I create. With a base rich in diverse artistic disciplines, I've channeled my passion into a flourishing tattoo career spanning over two and a half years.

A Fusion of Art and Adventure

My journey in the arts is fueled by two main passions: the joy of drawing and the thrill of exploring new places. Each destination brings new inspirations, translating into unique, bespoke tattoos that tell stories not just through visuals but through the experiences they embody.

Specializing in Unique Tattoo Styles

I have honed my skills in several specialized areas of tattooing, particularly excelling in blackwork, embroidery-style tattoos, and semi-realism. My background as a graphic designer allows me to bring a precise, detail-oriented approach to my tattoo designs, ensuring each piece is both striking and meaningful.

Artistic Expression Through Ink

Whether it’s crafting intricate embroidery tattoos that mimic the fine detail of threadwork or capturing the subtle nuances of semi-realism, my goal is to provide clients with more than just a tattoo—each design is a personal expression, tailored to reflect their unique story and aesthetic.

Join me in exploring the endless possibilities of ink, where each tattoo is not just a mark on the skin, but a piece of art that stands the test of time.

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