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Congratulations! You have just received a new tattoo from Karmma Tattoo. We have gone to great lengths to ensure quality artwork and immaculate sterilization, now the rest is up to you!

⦁    Remove protective covering 24-48 hours from the time your tattoo is complete. Wash hands thoroughly, rinse the tattoo and surrounding area well with luke warm water and pat dry with a clean towel.

⦁    Do not re-bandage or re-cover your tattoo, allowing it to breath will speed up the healing process.

⦁    Once your tattoo has a chance to dry, begin moisturizing with non scented, non exfoliating lotion until healed. twice daily is usually enough, It is very important not to let your tattoo get too moist. Avoid oil based lotions as well as vasolines and ointments.

⦁    Be aware your tattoo is an open wound. Always wash your hands before touching your tattoo. 

⦁    Wear loose fitting clothing when possible to avoid irritation to the tattoo.

⦁    In 4 to 10 days your tattoo will develop scabs and start to peel, this is normal. The tattoo will likely become very itchy at some points. Do not scratch, pick or help the scabs off as it will fall off when its ready.

⦁    Absolutely no swimming, hot tubs, sauna or soaking in the bathtub for 30 days! Quick showers are fine but allow the tattoo 10-15 minutes to dry before applying lotion.

⦁    It is critical that your new tattoo have no contact with the sun or other UV light i.e. tanning beds or sun lights for 30 days. after 30 days use a very high protective sunblock, spf 30 minimum to ensure colors stay bright and vibrant.

⦁    Most tattoo locations on the body have free touchups within 3 months of finishing your tattoo. We are professionals with many years of experience and can tell how your tattoo healed by looking at it. Tattoos that have not been taken care of properly based upon the information provided will not be eligable for free touch ups.

If you have ANY questions about your healing, please contact one of the artists at Karmma Tattoo. Our artists are more than happy to help with any concerns you might have.

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