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Realism, pop art, portraiture, surrealism, ignorant, geometric, black and grey, color.


4 + years

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Behind the Ink: Meet the Artist


Meet Nat: The Renaissance Artist of the Tattoo World

With a Bachelor's degree in Visual Arts and a 15-year painting career under his belt, Nat is no stranger to the world of artistic expression. But it's in the realm of tattoo artistry, with more than four years of experience, where Nat truly excels. Specializing in a myriad of styles—Realism, Portraiture, Fine Line, Surrealism, and Geometric—Nat's portfolio is a testament to his versatility and technical prowess, both in black-and-grey and color.

The Painter Turned Tattoo Artist

Nat's extensive background in painting doesn't just inform his technique; it enriches it. The artistic sensibilities he developed through years of painting add layers of complexity and nuance to each tattoo he creates.

A Spectrum of Styles

Whether you're drawn to the lifelike details of Realism, the emotional depth of Portraiture, or the intricate patterns of Geometric designs, Nat's versatility ensures that he can bring your vision to life. Not only does he excel in established styles, but he is also open-minded enough to explore cover-ups and tailor his approach to each client's unique ideas.

Unbounded Creativity

Nat's openness to different styles doesn't end with his specialties. He's also adept at working in pop art, surrealism, ignorant, and a variety of other styles, offering a nearly limitless range of artistic possibilities for his clients.

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