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Karmma Tattoo was established in 2009 by Patrick Baylis with just one chair in a small back room. As the shop grew in popularity, Patrick decided that 2021 was the year to move into a larger space and expand the team. Across from Metrotown, Karmma Tattoo is the largest shop in Burnaby, BC and has won Favourite Tattoo Shop Burnaby 2020 and Three Best Rated Shops Burnaby 2021 and 2023. Our team is made up of artists with a wide scope of skills and styles, so you can be sure you’ll find the right artist for your next piece at Karmma Tattoo. Appointments are available by walk-in or by scheduled appointment.



Tattoo Artist/Owner

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Patrick Baylis is the owner and lead artist of Karmma Tattoo Shop. He specializes in Floral & Cover Up Tattoos, but enjoys working on any project with like-minded people

• $ 225 / Hour

• 15+ years of experience

• Appointment only



Tattoo Artist/manager

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Meet Kate: A Self-Taught Virtuoso of Versatility in Tattoo Artistry
Starting her artistic journey in 2012 at Black Widow Inc. under the tutelage of the late Sean Green, Kate swiftly made her mark in the tattoo community. Her transition to Gypsy Rose Tattoos in 2014 was another milestone, and today, as a key member of the Karmma Tattoo team, Kate is a veritable polymath in her field—specializing in cover-ups, color, black & grey, realism, cartoons, and large-scale projects.

• $ 225 / Hour

• 12+ years of experience

• Appointment only


Cris Limon

Tattoo Artist

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My name is Cris, I am a graphic designer and tattoo artist by profession. I really like visual and plastic art. I really enjoy drawing and getting to know new places.

• $200  / Hour

• 2+ years of experience

• English and Spanish.

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Priscila Rojo 

Tattoo Artist

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Priscila Rojo is a tattoo artist, offering new and exciting designs for an affordable price of $200 per hour. She brings a unique perspective to the art of tattooing, as she comes from Mexico. She is specialist on traditional americano, neotraditional, and Black work.

• $ 200/ Hour

• 2+ years of experience

• English, Spanish


Tattoo Artist

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Nat has been tattooing for 4 years since graduating with a bachelor's degree in fine arts and 15 years of experience in painting. He enjoys doing Realism, Pop art, Portraiture, Surrealism, Ignorant, and Geometric tattoo, both in black-and-grey and color. However, he is also open-minded to working on cover-ups and different styles of tattoos toward client's idea.

• $ 175 / Hour

• 4+ years of experience

• English, Thai

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Tattoo Artist

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At 28, Aaron brings a blend of cultural heritage and self-driven talent to the forefront of the tattoo scene. Originally from the Philippines and now flourishing in Canada, his journey into tattooing began with a simple childhood hobby of drawing animes and cartoons at the back of his notebooks. Inspired by the vivid John Lennon tattoo on his sister, Aaron transformed his curiosity into mastery by delving into the world of tattooing through self-taught practices and online tutorials.

• $ 175 / Hour

• 8+ years of experience

• English, Filipino

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Junior Tattoo Artist

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I am from nepal and i am 20 years old now. I started my tattoo journey around 14 months ago. Since my childhood, I have been fond of getting tattoos. So one day I thought like why not i try doing tattoos instead of getting a tattoo. Even though I was not so good at art and all in the beginning, I sat at home and just drew a random pinterest picture and guess whattttt!? It turned out quite satisfying. And the I decided yes shreya go for what are you thinking of. So i asked my uncle if he can make time to teach me tattoo. My uncle is a tattoo artist in Nepal. He has been doing tattoo for like 14 years.
at first, he made me focus on lining and gradient colors. I practiced it for like 1 month. And he was like shreya do a set-up and gave me a design of a medusa. And told me to get started in fake skin. I was so scared also excited haha.

• $ 150 / Hour

• 2 years of experience

• English.

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Check out our piercing specialist

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Hi my name is Syel and I am a professional body piercer from Collingwood Ontario. I love to meet new people, and nothing makes me happier than seeing the confidence a new piercing brings.


Select our Guest Tattoo Artist for your next Ink

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At Karmma Tattoo, we are dedicated to providing exceptional tattoo services to our clients. Our team of guest tattoo artists brings a diverse range of styles and expertise to our shop. Each artist is passionate about their craft and committed to creating unique and personalized designs for our clients.

Become a guest artist, contact us.

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