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Tattoo Artist Khang Do

Khang Do

Tattoo Artist



Floral Fine-line, and Black and grey realism.


4 + years

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Behind the Ink: Meet the Artist

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I've always had a passion for art. From a young age, I was that kid who couldn't resist picking up a crayon and bringing blank pages to life with my imagination. As the years went by, my love for art only grew stronger.

A few years ago, I stumbled upon the world of tattoos, and something inside me ignited. The idea of using my artistic skills to create permanent works of art on people's skin resonated with me deeply. It was a passion I couldn't ignore.

To turn this dream into reality, I journeyed to Vietnam to learn from professional tattoo artists . Under their guidance, I delved into the art of tattooing, learning the intricacies of hygiene, safety, and design. It was a challenging yet rewarding experience.

Back home, I continued my education through online courses, honing my skills and experimenting with different styles. The moment finally came when I inked my first real canvas – a human being. The mixture of excitement and nervousness was overwhelming, but as I made that first deliberate mark, I knew I had found my calling.

Over the years, I've creating personalized tattoos that tell stories and convey emotions. Each piece of art I create becomes a part of someone's life journey.

From childhood doodles to becoming a professional tattoo artist, my journey has been nothing short of incredible. I wake up every day excited to transform people's visions into beautiful, lasting art on their skin. My story is a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and the pursuit of artistic dreams. And as I continue to create, I look forward to the countless stories I'll help people tell through the ink that now flows through my veins.

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