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Tattoo artist Katie Luuna

Katie Luuna

Junior Tattoo Artist



Minimalism, Fine-line


2 + years

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Behind the Ink: Meet the Artist

Tattoo Artist Katie Luuna

Meet Katie: A Journey from Passion to Profession in the World of Tattoo Art

As someone who has always been fueled by creative pursuits, Katie found her ultimate form of self-expression in the intricate art of tattooing. Although relatively new to the professional scene with two years of certified experience, Katie’s passion for the craft runs deep. Her specialties lie in the elegant realms of minimalism and fine-lines, offering a refreshing and sophisticated take on tattoo artistry.

An Ever-Evolving Creative Spirit

Katie's journey into tattooing wasn't accidental; it was a conscious search for a new medium that could satiate her insatiable creative hunger. It started as a spark of interest, rapidly ignited into a passion, and has now blossomed into a full-fledged career.

The Nuance of Simplicity

In a world where maximalist designs often take center stage, Katie’s focus on minimalism and fine-lines offers a delicate alternative. Her tattoos may be subtle, but they are rich in meaning and intricacy, proving that simplicity can be stunningly impactful.

Certified and Ready

While her career as a tattoo artist may be relatively young, Katie has ensured that she steps into the field with both feet firmly planted. Her certification in tattoo artistry serves as a guarantee of her commitment and expertise.

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