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Behind the Ink: Meet the Artist


Meet Sardal: The Multifaceted Tattoo Artist from Korea

Sardal doesn't just create tattoos; they bring a comprehensive artistic background and versatility to every piece they design. With a 4-year degree from an art college in Korea and 3 years of tattooing experience, Sardal possesses an edge that sets them apart. Their work spans an array of styles—from crayons to black and gray to lettering—making Sardal a flexible artist capable of turning your tattoo visions into reality.

A Diverse Portfolio


Though initially focused on crayon art, Sardal has expanded their skill set to encompass a wide variety of tattoo genres. Whether it’s intricate lettering or detailed black and gray pieces, they tackle every project with the same level of artistic commitment.

An Artistic Education

Sardal's formal education in a four-year art college provided the foundational skills to deliver beautiful, accurate tattoos. Their depth of understanding in art theory and technique enables them to produce work that goes beyond the ordinary.

Customizing Your Experience

Sardal values the individuality of each client and offers custom designs across genres, not limiting themselves to just crayon tattoos. If you have a unique concept in mind, Sardal is the artist who can bring it to life with finesse and precision.

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