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Tattoo Artist



Realism, black and grey, ornamental, black work, portraits.


4+ years

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Behind the Ink: Meet the Artist


Meet Alex: A Maestro of Light and Shadow in Tattoo Realism

In a relatively short span of just over four years, Alex has carved out a unique niche in the world of tattoo artistry. As a black and grey specialist, his work is deeply evocative, often drawing upon the elemental beauty of nature to create tattoos that are as striking as they are intricate. From large-scale projects to highly detailed portraits, botanicals, and animal imagery, Alex demonstrates a keen eye for light, contrast, and meticulous detail.

The Power of Nature

Alex finds endless inspiration in the natural world, particularly in the play of light and shadow. It's this connection to nature that lends a unique depth and texture to his work, particularly in his specialty areas of realism, portraits, and large images.

Versatility and Scale

Whether you're looking for a detailed portrait, a sprawling back piece, or a smaller, nuanced design, Alex has the skill set and artistic vision to meet—and exceed—your expectations. His mastery in various styles—realism, ornamental, and black work—ensures that every tattoo is a unique masterpiece.

Crafting the Larger Narrative

One of the hallmarks of Alex's artistry is his penchant for large-scale projects. Each tattoo isn't just an image; it's a narrative crafted in ink, a storytelling endeavor that captures the imagination while honoring the individuality of each client.

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